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Hydrogen Peroxide Teeth Q & A: Does Hydrogen Peroxide Whiten Teeth?

Posted on September 6th, 2010 by walle in Hydrogen Peroxide Teeth Whitening | 0 comments
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Q & A: Does Hydrogen Peroxide Teeth?

Using hydrogen peroxide teeth treatments is very popular, especially when it comes to trying to whiten your teeth for a brighter, more dynamic smile.  Many people have either turned to products that feature this ingredient in order to have whiter teeth, had a dentist use a hydrogen peroxide based product as part of a whitening treatment, or even tried home remedies using this solution.  So, are these people crazy, or does hydrogen peroxide truly work to whiten your teeth?

If your guess was, “all those people simply can’t be wrong,” you are right!  Well, you are right this time, anyway.  While a lot of people believing something certainly does not make it a fact automatically, it is true that hydrogen peroxide does have tooth whitening qualities.  That is the only reason you see it featured in so many whitening products, and it is also why your dentist very well may use it to get great results with in-office whitening treatments.

Of course, there probably are better options than simply combining some hydrogen peroxide with water and rinsing with it, as many people have tried to do.  The problem with doing it this way is that you can also end up bleaching your gums, tongue and other unintended areas in the process!  This is why dentists take care to only apply whitening gels to your teeth, and over the counter products utilize trays or strips to ensure that the gels used stay on your teeth, where they belong.

So, hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening properties are a fact, but that does not mean that you are a bottle of hydrogen peroxide away from the perfect smile.  You still are better off buying a real tooth whitening kit or seeing your dentist for more information and possible treatment, to be honest.

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