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Is the Hydrogen Peroxide Teeth Whitening Effective?

Posted on September 2nd, 2010 by walle in Hydrogen Peroxide Teeth Whitening | 0 comments
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Is the ?

Hydrogen peroxide is a commonly used substance in many tooth care products on the market today. These products provide long term benefits that cannot be achieved through the use of other whitening products.

They are also considered safe by dental experts. These products provide a cost effective method in which to substantially and safely remove stains from the teeth.

“…Teeth whiteners containing hydrogen peroxide are effective due to the fact that peroxide is a weak acid which is able to bleach the teeth. Bleaching products are the preferred method for achieving a whiter, brighter smile. These products remove both deep and surface stains. This is in sharp contrast to other agents which may remove surface stains but cannot reach those that are more permanent. Thus, customer satisfaction is likely to be much higher with such a product, as opposed to toothpastes or others that provide only surface cleansing abilities. Peroxide whiteners change the color of the actual tooth enamel, providing deep, long lasting results for users…”

Another benefit to the use of these products is their safety. Those who are concerned with the safety aspect will be pleased to know that the American Dental Association considers these agents to be both safe and effective. Indeed, many professional methods used to whiten your teeth contain the same substances found in their at-home counterparts.

Cost is an important determining factor for many people as well. While in-office treatments will use the same basic concept to achieve results, these treatments can be so expensive as to be prohibitive for many people. Additionally, office treatments are more likely to cause sensitivity and irritation, as they use a harsher chemical combination. The answer is to use similar methods to whiten your teeth regularly in an at-home product to achieve comparable results in a safe, gentle and cost effective manner.

“…Teeth whitening products are quite common today, used by many people to achieve the healthiest look possible. Those products containing hydrogen peroxide are most effective, producing long term results as opposed to the short-lived, surface treatment seen with other products. Though similar treatments are available from dentists, many people find this approach to be prohibitive due to the high cost associated with such treatments. The answer is an at-home product which will provide the exact same benefits and results, has been deemed safe by dental experts and can be used for a fraction of the cost of professional treatments…” R. Nyleve added.

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