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Teething Babies – Safe Natural Cure Using Pure Essential Oils

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– how you can help your baby?

There is no hard and fast rules on when your baby will show signs of teething pain.

Teething babies begin at different times, and one never knows how long it will take or how painful it will be.

Sometimes the process of teething infants symptoms can follow hereditary patterns.

On average, your baby’s first tooth can appear in the seventh month, but it can also appear at three months.

Often you will see a lump in the baby’s gum and other times there will be no outward signs until a tooth appears.

What are the symptoms of teething?

These vary from child to child and below is a list of teething symptoms to look out for that could indicate your baby is having teething pain.

It is always advisable to check with your pediatrician if your baby does experience any of these symptoms associated with teething babies as a precaution to rule out other possible causes.

Rash on baby’s chin
Ear tugging and cheek rubbing
Low-grade fever
Not sleeping well
Cold like symptoms

How can you help your baby with the pain?

Some parents suggest giving your baby cold food to soothe and cool teething pain and healthy foods like yoghurt, apple sauce or pureed fruit can appeal to your baby and at the same is nutritious for your baby’s health.

One of the best ways is to assist with teething pain is to use pure . This is a very good way to provide gentle support with soothing and comforting properties during the teething process.

It can also settle restlessness within your baby and aid sleep when pure essential oils are massaged into your baby’s tummy.

Just remember:

The teething process is entirely and will come and go like many other things with new babies. By a certified organic blend of the purest oils you can be sure you will be giving your baby support and help with teething pain in the safest gentlest way you can.

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